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Appendix 3. Post-processing and visualization of the output data: GFD-Dennou ruby project

Software tools for convenient post-processing and visualization of numerical results with netCDF gtool4 data format are now being developed by the GFD-Dennou Ruby Project ([17]).

"GPhys" library provides fundamental operations of variables in gtool4 data, such as input/output, arithmetic operations, mathematical functions, averaging, slicing, and visualization. GPhys library is constructed with the script language "ruby" to deal with multi-dimensional physical data that are not only restricted to gtool4 data but include netCDF data in general and GrADS data. The GPhys library can handle data files both on hard disks and stored on the main memory consistently. Moreover, the GPhys library can be used interactively with the help of the ruby interactive interface, or by batch processing by writing ruby scripts.

"Gave" is a more user-oriented tool for slicing and visualization of data. It is developed by implementing graphical user interface onto the GPhys library. You can easily draw subsections of multi-dimensional data or produce animations with maneuvers of the mouse.

Since these utilities are available on the computer environment where the ruby script language can be installed (the GTK library is additionally recommended for visualization), you can use them on a UNIX-like environment realized on personal computers or other resources.

[a screen shot of 'gave']

SPMODEL: A Series of Hierarchical Spectral Models for GFD Index