Flow Visualization Using Particle Density
and Volume Rendering

Susumu Shirayama (Research Organization for Information Science & Technology)
Kunio Kuwahara (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science)


Several approaches were developed for visualizing an unsteady flow field by means of particle tracking and particle-density. The tracking method for a large number of particles is applied to some complicated systems, and the particle-density is computed by the NGP, the CIC and the SPM schemes. Distribution of particle-density is visualized by volume rendering. Several flow fields (flow past a prolate spheroid, flow past a sphere, flow between two eccentrical spherical surfaces and interaction of two vortex rings) are visualized. The proposed techniques will simplify the recognition of the dynamical motion of the specific fluid regions, and comparison of computational and experimental results.

Received 26 January, 1998; in revised form 13 April, 1998

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