Development of Free Surface Hydraulic Analysis code

Nozomu Yoneyama (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)


Multi-dimensional simulation code (FRESH) of fluid flow considering free surface properties was developed to evaluate the hydraulic problems occurring in electric power plants.

Although, in the code, volume of fluid technique that is widely known as the VOF method was applied to deal with the free surface behavior, special treatment was adopted to minimize the numerical error in mass-balance calculations.

To check its accuracy in two-dimensional calculation, the numerical results were compared with experimental data or with analytical solutions regarding dam-break problem and capillary phenomenon, and quantitative agreements were acquired between them.

As adequate data or solutions were not found to verify the code for two-dimensional over topping wave and three-dimensional dam-break phenomena, calculation results were restrcited to qualitative evaluation.

Received 26 January, 1998; in revised form 2 March, 1998

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