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4. SPMODEL Programming

4.1. Programing procedure in SPMODEL

In this section, we explain a typical programming procedure for fluid calculations with the spectral method using the SPMODEL library. For the fundamentals on numerical fluid calculations with the spectral method, please refer to other more appropriate textbooks such as [5]. The following is the procedure:

  1. Select a module of SPMODEL library which is appropriate for the geometry of the computational domain and boundary conditions.
  2. Derive spectral-transformed governing equations in a formal manner.
  3. Apply an appropriate finite difference scheme for time derivatives in the governing equations.
  4. Simply express the code according to the formulation developed at the stages 2 and 3.

As an example, let us construct a program for computing the time development of the Korteweg-deVries equation in a one-dimensional domain whose length is L under the cyclic boundary condition. The governing equation is

1. The module utilized is the one for one-dimensional domain with cyclic boundaries which is shown as an example in Section 3.

2. The Fourier transform and its inversion with respect to the spatial dimension x are defined as

The governing equation is then transformed as

Here, the tilde and the subscript denote the wavenumber component of the Fourier transform.

3. If, for example, the Euler scheme is applied for the time derivative, we have,

Superscripts τ and τ+1 denote the present and next time steps, respectively.

4. From the above formulation, we can write down the loop part of the program for time integration as follows:

do it=1,nt
    e_Zeta = e_Zeta + dt * &
            ( -e_g(g_e(e_Zeta)*g_e(e_Dx_e(e_zeta))) & 
              - e_Dx_e(e_Dx_e(e_Dx_e(e_zeta)))  ) 

For the evaluation of the nonlinear term, the above program employs the transformed method, in which the spectral data are transformed back to real space, the product term evaluated on the grid points of the real space, and then transformed forward to the spectral space again.

4.2. The advantages of SPMODEL programming

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